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Beautiful Hill Country in Sri Lanka
The Place For Your Next Holiday

Hill country in Sri Lanka is roughly within the limits alone 1500” contour. This compact elevated mass rising rather abruptly but plateau. Like in such throughout the history of Sri Lanka especially against the European powers as the Portuguese. Dutch and the British who knew its value. Permanent inhabitants here really cut off from the rest of the island, remained a distinctive group of the Sinhalese. This was the last to fall into the hands of the British though the others tried hard.he Hill Country is exceptionally beautiful, with crystal clear waterfalls and tea plantations dotted throughout. The temperature in this region stays cool all year round, in an atmosphere of early morning Spring. Everything is green and lush and the landscape is elevated with layers of grass knolls and jagged waterfalls with dense mountain forest clinging to the upper slopes. The days drift by in the hill country in Sri Lanka with not much to do but drink tea (in abundance) and absorb the serenity and breathtaking walks and views. There are several little towns that are certainly worth a visit, such as Nuwara Eliya. There are also some majestic feats of nature to explore, namely Worlds End and Adams Peak

Main portion of the Hill country consists of a series of huge platforms – Kandy, Hatton, Uva and Balangodo & Koslandda to the south. Five main mount peaks are the Pirudutalagala (highest 8292’), Kirigalpotta, Totapola, Samanala and Namunukula but there are several gaps through which the main hill masses could be traversed through Balana and Girigesthhena from the West. Southern platform forms a very striking watered feature resembling an unbroken wall of the hill ranges in the south.

Dense forests and vast stretches of green the plantations precaously clinging to the hill slopes along with cascading water falls add exceptional beauty to the area.

The temperature is mild unlike in the low country and a welcoming contrast to the heat in Colombo and other coastal areas some of the exciting towns in the hills are Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, Badulla etc.


The majestic Hill country capital Kandy

‘Kande-Uda-Rata’ which became Kandy for the easy pronousation by the British was really the ‘Royal city’ of the Sinhalese and the last stronghold of the Sinhala kings. This was captured by the British in 1815 and the whole island went under colonial rule. Kandy is famous for its lake near the town which was re-vitalized by a kandyan gentleman of the modern era, making it once more beautiful and eye catching place free from pollution. This adds beauty to the town surrounded by hills such as Hantana, Hunnasgiriya, Bahiravakanda etc. You can have a view of the entire city of Kandy from the Hantana range above the lake.

You can take the train and make journey upland from Colombo to witness the finest Hill country and regarded as one of the exceptional train journeys of the world. Kandy is well renowned for its cultural pageant taking place in July with a large number of elephants richly caparisoned, nilames in their traditional costumes Diyawadana Nilame docked in all regalia accompanying the casket of the Sacred Tooth relic of the Budda and riding on the majestic elephants, crackers of whips, all forms of dancers with respective drummers really fascinating to observe.

Nuwara Eliya, garden city of Asia

Nuwara Eliya, the highest town in Sri Lanka attract a larger number of visitors who enjoys golf, horse riding, pony rides, flower shos, trout fishing introduced by the British. The British explore Samuel babes had introduced Herefordshire cattle, strawberries, leeks etc. & transported them to this hill station. Victoria Park in the town is a calm scene-testing place for the tired visitor.Accommodation in Nuwara Eliya especially in April, hottest month in the low country is scarce and expensive but the money folk go there annually for golfing, horse racing and motor sport etc.

Bandarawela, healthiest holiday resort for its dry cool climate is conductive to good health

A sleepy town to the South East Nuwara Eliya had been regarded, as the healthiest holiday resort for its dry cool climate is conductive to good health. Haggle Botanical Gardens on the road to Bandarawela is a nature reserve and had been the royal pleasure garden of a Sinhala king of old and had been extended by the British. And is a splendid location to view the animals and birds.To the south of this is the bleak grassy plateau of Horton Plains, more than 6520’ above sea level. This is a good tracking country but you have to be careful of the thick mist especially afternoon and if you are caught in it you will be lost to the world at least for sometime.

Worlds End, most famous view

Most famous view in Sri Lanka is the world’s end, which drops down precipitously to about a mile to the farmland below. Bekars falls could easily be seen from a trip to the Horton Plains, which is a rolling highland terrain of grassland interspersed with forest and unusual high-altitude vegetation. The plains reach over 2000 meters high with the mountains of Kirigalpotta and Totapola looming up from the edges of the plateau. The most tremendous feature of the strange silent world of the plains however is Worlds End, where the plains abruptly stop leaving you hovering over a straight drop of 880 meters.

Badulla, popular for the largest waterfalls

Chief city of the Uva province is famous for its tea estates and also for the largest waterfalls – Dunhinda of Sri Lanka.

High inaccessible places were held in high esteem awe and veneration from time immemorial as a main feature of worship of nature.

Adam’s Peak, the most popular pilgrime mountain

Adam’s Peak, Samantha Kuta or Sri Pada, Sri Lanka’s holy mountain as it is popularity known bears the foot print of the Gautama Budda placed on the summit during His third visit to the island. This is also adored and venerated by followers of other religions according to their own beliefs. Thousands of pilgrims of all faiths ascend this 2243 metre mountain during the pilgrim season starting from the Induwap full moon day in December to the Day of wesak in May. Thus symbolizing religious harmony among Sri Lankan.This is traditionally climbed annually by pilgrims of all faiths. The steep climb takes about 3 hours with the finest sunrise in Asia by the climbers could behold. The shadow of the mountain is cast over the land before you as the sun rises. Steep steps are cut into the mountainside studded with refreshment spots in between. From a far lights leading into the night sky resemble a path to the celestial world

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